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Plague of Crickets invade Oklahoma


Free Spirit
Staff member
It’s cricket mating season in Oklahoma and unusually massive swarms of the frisky bugs are terrorizing the state’s residents.

Biblical plagues of crickets in Oklahoma with shrieking calls and smell 'like rotted meat' | Mail Online
There have been times there are more crickets than usual around here but nothing like this. There are so many you can't take a step without stepping on them. I don't think I could take the smell or them all over the door to my house. You know they have to be getting in the house too.


Registered Member
Whoa! I have never seen anything like this! From learning about the insects' cannibalistic attitude, I guess it's appropriate to say: "Don't bother trying to exterminate them."


Registered Member
Damn, that's disgusting. Thank heavens that I have never seen anything like that. I hope to heck that I never do see anything like it!

When I lived in The Philippines for 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, at one point right at dusk and for 2 or 3 hours into the night there was a huge hatch of some kind of flying termites and they got into absolutely everything, but it was just for a few hours and only lasted for 2 nights. That was bad enough!