Mark ov teh Pond
What's your favorite store-brand pizza? Lately I been sorta getting "back into pizza" and have been buying a lot of different name brands. The reason I ask is because my previous favorite was,

Freschetta Sauce-Stuffed 4 Cheese and they don't sell that anywhere around here. I don't know if it got discontinued or what, but it makes me sad.

What store brands are your favorites?


Sally Twit
Chicago Town Pizza is the best! It has lots of tomato sauce in the base just like I love. A lot of the frozen pizzas have very little topping.


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The Hitch Hiker is the most winningest episode ever. I love doing that rant. :hah:

"Five 'undred Euros?! You won't see penny one from me, you slaaaag!!"






So, um, pizza. Yeah. I like it. :sweatdrop:

But seriously, I love pizza. :nod: One of my favourite brands is Chicago Town, they have these little mini ones that you can stick in the microwave for like a minute, oh my GOD they're good. Double cheese flavour, pepperoni flavour, meat feast flavour mmmmmmm :lick2: So good....

I love plenty of other brands too - hell, if it's pizza, I'll eat it - but Chicago Town win for convenience while keeping their amazingly delicious taste.
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Mark ov teh Pond
Omg an American that knows of the Boosh! I'm amazed
Haha, that's just the icing. My favorite shows include:

The IT Crowd
Black Books

Though, honestly, outside of those I don't watch much Brit sitcoms. I'm more into the sci-fi, like Primeval, Torchwood, Dr. Who. I'd move there, but I was told you guys don't have Mt. Dew.


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Guys, please keep the thread on-topic. Thanks.

I usually get Tombstone Pepperoni. I get sick of frozen pizza if I eat the same kind too much though, so I like to change things up. I had a Home Run Inn pizza the other day that was really good.


i don't remember when i last eat pizza because i'm not really fond of it ... but the last time i had this Italian pizza brand.

i like vegetable pizza.


Son of Liberty
I hardly ever buy store brand microwave or oven pizza... usually when I am craving pizza I'll just buy it from a Pizza Place. Pacifica sells them cheaper than what I can buy most Frozen pizza's for anymore.

But when I have in the past, I tend to look for Claim Jumpers. They've usually got great frozen foods and the last time I had a Claim Jumpers Frozen Pizza I actually enjoyed it.



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I don't really buy frozen pizza anymore, but when I did, my favorite was digiorno oven brick garlic bread pepperoni pizza. it was pretty good.