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Movies Pixars Monsters University


Okay so the prequel to Monster's Inc, being 'Monster's University' will be coming out next year from Pixar. The first trailer was released today. Take a look...


What do you think? Personally I need to see a bit more of it to form a proper opinion, but it's an interesting idea to make a prequel for an animated film. That doesn't happen often. I just hope that the reason Pixar have decided to start making sequels to all their films is because they want to do it. Not because Disney are making them. I'm almost certain a good amount of the reason they made Cars 2 is because Disney makes heaps of money out of the merchandise from those movies.

EDIT: Does all the text at the bottom of this post look like a link to anyone else or is that just me?
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Is linked to me as well :p

Anyway, I am so bloody excited for this I can't contain my excitement! YAYAYAY! I loved Monsters Inc and this should be absolutely amazing!


Well that's really odd. I checked through the post and the only thing with the url code is the video itself.

Glad to hear you are excited. I love the original Monster's Inc as well. Since it's a prequel it will be a shame that there's no Boo in it.


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I like the concept.

I loved the original Monster's Inc., but I felt it dragged in the middle... but I am getting away from the point.

This is just a teaser, and I wasn't entirely planning to see this movie anyway. I am going to want to see the first theatrical story trailer. I'm like that with any movie.


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I'm waiting to see more on this film before I decide if I want to see it at the cinema or not. And as for Disney being the driving force behind Pixar making more sequels, I'm not so sure that's the case. Isn't John Lasseter the chief creative officer at both Pixar and Disney? I think he wields considerable influence as to what does and doesn't get made, doesn't he?


It's true, Lasseter has probably the final say in a lot of what happens at both Disney and Pixar, it's just after films like Cars 2 I have to wonder what really drove them to make it.


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Haha, that Spandau Ballet bit at the end was brilliant :p

This is the first i've heard of this and i think it sounds brilliant! I loved Monsters Inc. and i fully trust Pixar to do a good job of this prequel.

I know a lot of people, same as yourself, will be worried that Cars 2 was so awful but i wouldn't judge a Monsters film compared to that. I hated the first Cars and i don't know why it got a sequel. The reason Cars 2 sucked (i haven't seen it myself) is probably because the whole concept of Cars sucked in the first place! Cars was the only Pixar film i've ever seen that i didn't like... and every other Pixar film i didn't just like, i absolutely loved! So as far as their track record goes i don't see any reason not to have full faith that they'll do a good job! :D


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Monsters Inc is by far one of my favourite Disney films, so much so I actually own it on DVD so this does interest me. If it has the same sense of humour that was in the first one and the same look on things this cold be good.

The only thing I do hope is they keep the original cast including Randall, I love his character and I couldn't imagine anyone but Steve Buscemi doing the voice, I will be keeping an eye on this.


I saw this a couple of days ago. I liked it quite a lot. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It wasn't quite as emotional or heartfelt as the first one, but it was a lot of fun and looked great. You can really tell how much they have technically improved between the films.


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The movie does look really good. I always did love the first Monsters Inc. I think it's one of Pixar's better titles.

Monsters University 3D | Regal Cinemas

The trailer makes the movie look a lot better than I was originally thinking. My only problem is that I don't go to the movies by myself and don't know anybody that would want to go see this. :lol: