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Atari Pitfall v.s. Pong


Registered Member
thats like compairing a apple to a rock. Just not going to happen.

each game is great.. no not just great, AWSOME!!

how can you compair the first video game, a black and white game where its just a ball and 2 paddles to one of the first side scrollers. where you had aligators/pits/snakes to avoid and ropes to swing from. not to mention had color!!


Registered Member
Well at the top I see "You may not vote on this pole", so I guess my opinion doesn't matter on this one.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Maybe you already voted? Or maybe he put a time limit on the poll.

I agree, they are two totally different games.

Almost as pointless as "Model T vs. 55 Corvette" Each has their sentimental valyue's, but when it comes down to it, Corvette wins. Sure Model T was innovative, but being the first in something that progresses over time does not mean you will stay the best. Same is true with the game argument.


Registered Member
Aaahhh...must be there was a time limit on this poll. I too am a big fan of both games, so I can't pick one over the other. Especially since they are so different from each other.


Registered Member
OMG! Something must have happened with this when Andrew made all the changes last week, cuz now it says I can vote! Oooohhhh, the temptation....

I will not choose, I will not choose, I will not choose, I will not choose....:shake: