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Pissed off


needs practice
Just one of those nights where nothing goes right when you're gaming. Did so poorly in Black Ops, couldn't get a win in Nbak11, I gamed for 2 hours trying to just get a win or two and kick if for the night...alas nothing and I'm going to bed defeated. I didn't even want to boot up StarCraft II...


aka ginger warlock
Happens to us all from time to time, I could barely get a win playing Fifa yesterday but these things are bound to happen, just try not to let it get it too you and play something that you know you can chill out playing.


needs practice

I'm also upset about the lies we hear everyday about the economy getting better...if it's getting better WHERE THE HELL ARE THE JOBS??? 9% for like how many months? Unemployment are you kidding me????
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If you are genuinely interested in playing the game, learning about it and getting better with every chance, winning will come naturally. You shouldn't feel defeated, you should gain knowledge from your loss, from your opponent, and move forward.

"Winning gives birth to hostility.
Losing, one lies down in pain.
The calmed lie down with ease,
having set winning & losing aside."