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Pirates of the Korean..


Secret Agent
Staff member
Maybe they will make a movie about this... Ok maybe not but check this out:

Crew wins deadly pirate battle off Somalia - CNN.com

Apparently some present day pirates thought it would be a good idea to board and attempt to take over a North Korean freight ship.

They got their butts kicked, a few killed, etc.

How did this report hit mainstream news? Why, the US came to the rescue as you can see in the picture. Why did we help North Korea? I'm not sure..



Registered Member
Because a ship was in need, and the US Navy has said that they would help any ship in need from pirates. Plus it probably won't hurt in dealing with N. Korea either.


Heavy Weapons Guy
That's true, we're not exactly on the best terms with North Korea right now. Hopefully we can get something out of this, but either way, we helped some people in need.


I am Heavy Weapons Guy
These pirates got destroyed by the US. We saved North Korea so now they owe us a favor.


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Oh man these guys must have been pretty stupid to not realize that they were easily defeatable, all it would take is one plane that has accuracy. I wonder where those guys are now...


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Well, what will probably happen is the N. Korean government will probably thanks us and that will be it. If we say they owe us, they will turn around and state, we didn't actually ask you to come and save us. You did that of your own free will. And that will be that.