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Movies Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Merc's Review) SPOILERS


Problematic Shitlord
There are some spoilers in this thread as it is a review, but if you've seen the second and first films, there are no spoilers. If you're new to the series, see the first two movies before this one!

Rated PG-13
Rating: 6.5 out of 10

"It's a fun time at the theaters and a headache at the same time but the charm of the film is enough to keep it golden"

At six o'clock, my brother and Nosferatu showed up at the theater to see the film, hoping there wouldn't be too many people because last year's showing of Dead Man's Chest was crowded beyond belief. Thankfully, no one is there yet, so we headed to Wendy's, splurged on the dollar menu and then returned to a slightly larger crowd but got our seats in the center of the large cinema.

I hadn't heard anything about the movie going into it. I loved the first film, wasn't so hot on the second one, and didn't know what to expect from the third. I knew a few characters making first time appearances (such as Keith Richards as Jack Sparrow's father and Chow Yun Fat as a pirate lord) and that was about it. A few great trailers played including new ones for Live Free or Die Hard and Rata . . . Ratatoo . . . some rat movie.

The story was hazy throughout the entire film. I felt my head aching as I tried to remember what was going on, who was betraying who, and why people were doing what there were doing. Like a room full of rum-soaked pirates on the high seas during cinco de mayo, the story was a total mess and it spilled over in several places. I liked the stories I could decipher and understand, but other than that, I don't think they did an adequate job of story telling. I may have to see it one more to absorb more of it. Any movie that you have to see twice to get the story isn't a huge plus, but at least the film was fun.

Also, they didn't go overkill on old jokes like they did in the last film which seemed to be brimming with trimmings from the script of the first film.


If you haven't seen the second film, the above picture just ruined things for you. Barbossa has made his return and he's by far my favorite character in the film. Characters from the past retain their old charm and continue to do good. I had no real complaints about characters as they made the movie enjoyable for me. Although, Will Turner seemed a bit out of character at times, so that's all I have to say.

Well, actually, I'm pretty sure Jack Sparrow was on acid the whole movie. You'll agree with me after you see it. Let's just say that there was at least ten captain Jack Sparrows on screen at one point. Damn it was funny though.

The most painful part of the film was the flow. Like I said earlier, I'm going to make a return to see the film again because I feel like I missed things or that I wasn't putting pieces together right because I had a headache through a lot of the film just contemplating what was going on. The problem really was that there was too much going on. Each character had something going on so it become a burden to keep track of the story at times.

I eventually caved in and told myself "They're pirates, they're killing each other, the British, and crab pirates, just enjoy it".

Special Effects/Scenery
Absolutely stunning effects, the true example of what top dollar gets you in a film. Everything in the film felt real and touchable. That is all really, you've seen the other two so you know the degree of power in technology they'll put forth to make the effects realistic.

If it wasn't for the disjointed and crippled storyline, the goofy and inane relationship problems, and the lack of more Keith Richards, the movie would have been great. However, the humor is the best in the series and the film feels much darker and more sinister than the previous two. This one is definitely less child friendly with bullet wounds, bloody stabbing scences, and a scene of limb removal, so don't take Timmy with you to see it if he scares easily.

Go to the theater expecting a good time and not an easy to follow story and you'll enjoy it. I really did, but the story and it's flow is what really threw me off (and probably lost this movie at least two points in the grading).

I walked out and enjoyed the high I left the theater with. They definitely left it open for another sequel, but I don't know if one will be made. The ending wasn't a horrible cliffhanger or anything, but it did leave some wiggle room for a new flick.


Ms. Malone
No 4th movie, simple as that!

Ok let's see if the pirate queen can break the story down for you....WARNING! SPOILERS!

Barbosa needs a ship in order to enter Davy Jones locker, so he and Liz visit the Chinese Pirate Lord in order to obtain one, but what do you know there's another plan going on too! The members of the Black Pearl have snuck in for back up, including the black woman from the second movie (cannot remember her name!), the group are ambushed by the British and flee with said needed ship.

In Jones' locker, Jack having some weird mental breakdown, cause like Merc said there's like ten Jacks! And they come and go throughout the film as his voices of (poor) reason. That's all i'm saying on the matter!

Ok...the individual story lines....

Barbosa: He wants to release a Goddess (can't remember her name either!), that was trapped inside the body of a human by a certain pirate, in hopes she will be merciful and help them beat the British.

Jack: Want's to live forever, that's all i'm saying.

Will: Wants to save his father from Davy Jones.

Davy: Is working for the British and wants to stop the Goddess from being released.

Liz:....I'm not sure she had a particular story line, she was mixed in them all!

As for who was betraying who...hell, they're Pirates, even they don't understand!

I hope i didn't ruin too much but i did warn you!


No Custom Title Exists
I loved this movie. It was awsome, didn't get the best seats in the house, since we were late.

It was awesome yeah. Jack being a wit..and I am suprised that the mutt with the keys is in this movie as well, after being trapped on the Caniballs islands.

I am going to see this movie again, tomorrow.

The best part of the movie had to be the 10+ Jack's talking to the main one. In the jail, on the boat at the start. Hilarious!


A Darker Knight
Yeah I'll have to go see it again too. Some jackasses kept on talking and being immature at the more violent scenes and the island scene at the end.


Ms. Malone
There was something after the credits!? Oh fuck, why do they do that? Everyone's left by then!


No Custom Title Exists
I fell asleep today. Woke up at remaining scenes of the movie. It just bored the hell outta me. I liked it the first time, but this time...*snores*