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Movies Pirates of Silicon Valley - Review


aka ginger warlock
Pirates of Silicon Valley - 1999

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These days Mac vs PC is still a raging argument. One group will say one ripped off the others, one will swear blind that the one is better than the other in every way possible and if you are looking for answers of what really happened this film may be a good start.

I am not sure if you could call this film autobiographical because with matters like this I don't think you will ever know the truth, the only people that really know the truth are Steve and Bill in the same way that the only people who really know the truth about Facebook is Mark Zuckerburg and the Winklevoss twins but I don't think that is the point of the film.

As someone who is very interested in computers I am interested in the birth and where everything came from. The relationship from the media has always been strenuous and the way things are publicized you would think they hated everything about each other but what the film does is it tries to tell a very honest story of where they came from, what they did and what they are now doing.

I won't go into too much more detail but if anyone is interested in where Apple and Microsoft came from and also the tentative grips they had on their companies I would really recommend this film.