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Pirates fan who suspiciously resembles Kurt Angle subdued/arrested at PNC Park


Pittsburgh Pirates Video: Watch Fan Get Beat, Tased and Arrested at PNC Park | Bleacher Report


YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAVoU_UXgQI

In all honesty, the disgruntled (and potentially intoxicated) fan looked like a lighter-skinned Kurt Angle, and Kurt's from Pittsburgh, too. I wanted to see him bust out an Ankle Lock on one of those security guards. Or at least an Angle Slam through a pavilion table.

Joking aside, the guy in the video took a few hits from the cop and it didn't even faze him. That dude is tough (alcohol strength?).

1) The guy does look like Kurt Angle, right? I'm not seeing things.
2) Have you ever witness a rowdy fan going out of control when you were at a ballpark?
3) Do you think it's safe to serve alcohol at these events?
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
1. He does look like Kurt Angle somewhat.

2. I've never seen someone get tased or anything of that nature at a sporting event. I've seen people get kicked out before though.

3. The serving alcohol question as always been a huge debate, I personally believe that they should keep selling alcohol at sporting venues like this one. I know some times people get out of control, but there's more people that control themselves then get out of hand.

4. That guy did take a beating, I'm sure he was really hammered so he won't feel it till the next or something. I'm surprised that he got tasered so often, didn't look like he was resisting arrest all that much that the cops had to use there batons and tasers. I personally believe they over-used it in this situation.
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Living in Ikoria
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1) I think the only thing he has in common with Kurt Angle is that he's bald...lol I wonder if you would have said it looked like him if it was in LA? :)

2) The worst that I've seen at a baseball game or other sporting event is people being escorted out for being too loud/disruptive. I've never seen a fight or violence.

3) I think the violence thing with classier crowds is really rare, I think alcohol is fine at sporting events. It's a big revenue generator, and that's unfortunately necessary. I like having a beer or two at ball games, anyway!

4) I agree with Bizz's assessment, it seemed a little too much in terms of the force used. The guy was being resistant, but not physically (aside from hitting the one fan). The cops didn't try hard enough for a peaceful solution, they could have been intimidated by his size.


For the Kurt part I was just trying to get you guys to laugh. Hopefully it worked. =D

I agree with both of you about #4, the security did overdo it. It looked as if one fan was trying to give him a high five, the usher (?) blocked him, the drunk guy (Kurt) got mad and shoved him. The drunk guy continued to walk away and the security guard with an itchy trigger finger decided to taze him... which didn't seem to work at first (lol). Yup, watching it again the security could have handled it better.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I thought it seemed excessive but we don't know what happened before that or what the Angle wannabe was saying to the cops. This guy apparently shoved an usher or someone like that before this started so it's tough to say.

If you just watch the video at face value then yeah, it seems a bit too much because the guy never attacked a policeman or even looked like he was going too. So I don't know if we know all the facts but from what i see I'll say it was a little too far.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
It looks to me like security was afraid of the guy. It's hard to know what he was saying to them and what happened before he came down the steps. He was probably hinting towards violence before that.

Did you notice the security guys were only using their batons sparingly? They could have easily kicked or punched him but it was obvious they were just trying to get him to submit to them.