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Movies Pirates 3: At World's End Reviews & Thoughts (Spoilers!)


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So I saw Pirates 3 and I thought I'd thought I'd post some of my thoughts about it.

Spoilers throughout, so I won't bother with the spoiler tag. You've been warned!

First of all, Pirates 1 is easily one of my favorite movies. Love the story, music, acting, etc. It really was laid out as what could have been a great trilogy....

(Again, spoilers throughout. This entire thread is going to be loaded with spoilers so if you haven't seen Pirates 3 you should leave now. The movie is worth watching and I am going to post some major spoilers..)

That being said, it just wasn't up to par. If you weren't aware, Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly had both told Disney that they would not be signing a contract for a 4th movie. Disney obviously saw their characters and their relationship as disposable at that point. There's nothing happily ever after about seeing somebody once every ten years, I don't care how good that day is. It was a BS marketing scheme to keep Jack's character alive and well, and ready to do another movie. After all, Depp is making millions from these movies. He has no reason not to want to do a 4th, and Disney has no reason not to want to make a lot more money.

What a bummer though. Sure the third movie had some cool scenes, but there are about 10 (yes ten) characters at the beginning of 3 that have loose ends from the 2nd that needed to be tied up by the end of the 3rd:

  1. Jack was dead.
  2. Norrington wasn't sure what side he was on.
  3. Will wanted to free his father from the Flying Dutchman.
  4. Elisabeth and Will's relationship was in question after the whole "love triangle" mess in 2.
  5. Davy Jones' heart was in the possession of England.
  6. Captain Barbosa was back, randomly.
  7. The fortune teller lady was introduced in the last few minutes of 2.
  8. Elisabeth's father had lost his position and he was kind of up in the air.
So that's 8 loose ends at the end of 2... Now let's start 3. Immediately there are a few more loose ends created:

(Not necessarily in this order)
  1. The asian pirates are brought into the script for about 5 minutes. WHY? So Kiera could become the Pirate King? Come on. That could have happened so many other ways.
  2. And oh yeah, the crackan (or however you spell it) was now dead. We don't see this though.
  3. Davy Jones was in love with said fortune teller.
  4. Elisabeth and Will seem to get married
  5. Why is Captain Barbosa back? For the 9 pieces of 8? I wasn't sure. Yeah he is a cool character but leaving him dead wouldn't have hurt 3.
  6. Elisabeth's father is dead. Will he come back too? Nope.
  7. Norrington is killed. Well that was easy.
  8. Killing Jack did nothing but create an opportunity to make a very cheesy world flipping scene. Ok just kidding he's not dead, he's back and good as new.
  9. Will and Elisabeth get officially married. Oh good happy ending? Nope..
  10. Davey Jones kills Will, and is then killed by "Will's hand".
  11. Will and his father live happily ever after on the Flying Dutchman? Am I missing something?
  12. What takes the cake though is after the credits you see "10 years later" and Will comes ashore and smiles at Elisabeth who is waiting. How cute... How horrible. What a horrible existence.
  13. Jack is ready to set out and find the fountain of youth. Well great. I can't wait for 4.
All that being said, I'm sure I left out some more plotholes or just bad plot aspects, but honestly I did enjoy the movie. I would watch it again and it was a fun movie in general. I still think the plot was so over the top that it really left no room for the audience to really catch up to it. There was so much happening (some things ridiculous) that all you could think was "Well the special effects are cool". This just goes to show that once again another trilogy is much worse than it could have been due to the "To be continued" factor. They should have had one story with 2, and another story with 3.

2 was pretty decent and had left me pretty excited for 3. They should have just written 3 a lot differently without adding a ton of new things. 2 had introduced enough plot to definitely last out the remainder of the trilogy.

So, what are your thoughts on Pirates 3?

I would give it a 5 out of 10.


Registered User
Well, Andrew, you pretty much got it all, but you left out one big thing I believe.

The fortune teller, there was more than meets the eye in her.

She is pretty much with everyone the whole way thru the movie.

She seems to know a whole lot about Davey Jones.

I did notice that she had the same kind of locket that Davey Jones had, hmmm, I finally put two and two together, she is the woman Jones loved.

That would put her at a very old age, well that doesn't make any since, there had to be more to her.

Come to find out her real name was eclipsoe or something to that effect.

She is a Goddess trapped in a womans body.

I guess the first council of the pirates put her there.

And what makes it worse is that it was Davey Jones that helped them do it.

You got to love love.

So the new council released her from her prison, but then she goes into the see and causes a whirl pool, and that is it, you don't see her anymore.

Here I thought you would see her do more stuff, after all her and Davey Jones had a conversation not to long before that, and she was going to show the human population how upset she was.

Wow, she created a Whirl pool, she must be very upset.

I think that for the 3rd movie, it was a let down.

It had good parts but not near as good as the 1st.

And I agree with Andrew, what a crappie deal, you get to be with your love for only once every ten years.

Man, I would hate that.

I give it a 5/10 also.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Wow, she created a Whirl pool, she must be very upset.
Haha so true. She really showed them! Seriously the movie lets us think this is going to some huge battle. She turned HUGE and I thought oh man here we go. It's Ursula from the Little Mermaid (hey it's a good movie I won't lie) all over again. This could be a pretty sweet battle.

And then... nope, she just made a bit whirlpool that didn't actually destroy anything, it just made lots of water moving in the background during the final epic battle scenes.

But I felt like they had just unleashed a monster that turned out to be a dud. Like when you get ready to light off a big firecracker and it sizzles out and does nothing. You get excited and it's fun for a second and then you are left wondering "Hmmm... was that it?"



Heavy Weapons Guy
Figuring out who Calypso was was way too predictable. I really didn't like the ending though. The action was ok, but the whole plot just seemed too big. If they had made it into several more movies, instead of pushing so much into just one movie, i think it would have been much better.


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The first two movies were much better than the third, but the third wasn't all that bad I thought. I agree with pretty much everything said so far, but I would probably give it 7 out of 10 instead.

The ending part didn't make much sense to me at all. If Elizabeth loved Will so much, why wouldn't she just stay on the Dutchman with him? The whole 10 years apart thing is just terrible for them.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
If Elizabeth loved Will so much, why wouldn't she just stay on the Dutchman with him?
He would have had to make her a member of the crew, and she was already "pirate king", and was captain of her own ship. Plus the baby. She had responsibilities, ya know? Plus, Will had to ferry souls to the underworld.


A Darker Knight
I must admit, Keira looked pretty nice in that Pirate King outfit :D