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Pink Floyd / Wizard of Oz Coincidence or Planned?


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Supposedly (I've never tried it) if you play the Pink Floyd Album "Dark Side of the Rainbow" 2.5 times on loop during the Wizard of Oz movie, with the movie muted, you will notice that the album on loop seems to be synched with the movie.

This is odd because it's on loop, meaning that the same music fits more than one scene perfectly.

It's said to be a coincidence but I think they did it on purpose.

Here's a clip that somebody made on YouTube that shows the tornado scene with the Pink Floyd music over it.

YouTube - Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Rainbow 3

(There are a bunch on the "Related videos")

Here's another:

YouTube - Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Rainbow 7

Seems like a major coincidence (if it truly is a coincidence).


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Knowing Pink Floyd, I would think that they are creatively brilliant enough to want to sync their album with The Wizard of Oz. It's a great choice of movie for their style of music.


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The Pink Floyd album is Dark Side of the Moon. Dark Side of the Rainbow is what they call the sync with Wizard of Oz. I watched it with the music several years ago and it's crazy how the music fits the movie perfectly in some parts. I have no idea if it was planned or just coincidence. Either way, it's amazing.


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I'd say its a coincidence, just by watching a couple of those videos. There are parts where there are good, or even perfect synchs, but there are also a bunch of parts that just don't synch at all. The human mind is more likely to notice the positive relationships between too things, related or no, and discard the negative correlations. By watching closely, I noticed quite a few musical parts and changes that don't match up with the on screen action. Still, I wouldn't mind trying this out from start to finish sometime.
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