Pineapple Pizza


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This may sound crazy to some of you but i absolutely cannot stand Pineapple on pizza, to me it just ruins it all together.

the pineapple dominates all of the flavor of that pizza.

Tropical fruit was never meant to be on pizza or to go with cheese.

Seriously what's so good about it?


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I don't think it dominates the flavor. It's probably the first thing you taste, but there's no way pineapple can override everything else.
I used to hate pineapple on pizza. But then it grew on me. It actually adds to the flavour.

Fruit + Pizza = Fail
And that my friends is a fact of life.
Erm. You can't take an opinion as a fact. And you can never do that, as its impossible with everyone being entitled to their own opinion.
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Pineapple Bacon is good. But I am going to pick pepperoni on pizza everytime if given the option.

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the problem is that you can't take off the pineapple because the juice soaks into the pizza and the pizza is permanently ruined.