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Movies Pineapple Express


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I didn't see a thread anywhere about it so I thought I'd make one about this movie. Has anyone seen it? If yes, did you like it?

I didn't get time to see the movie in the cinemas, but I got around to see it on the DVD and I saw it the other day and I loved it, it's awesome and funny.


Oh, poppycock.
haha. I loved that movie. I'm not a pothead or anything, but I giggled hysterically of some of the stupidest parts.


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I didn't really like it the first time...but the second time I thought it was wonderful. It was the ending I didn't really like but you gotta go into the movie expecting it to not make sense/be ridiculous, and it's a really good/funny movie.


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I kept thinking that the old lady was Saul's girlfriend and I am thinking "What the fuck?" then nearly at the end I realised that's his grandma.


New Member
I was one that didn't get the time to see it, I hear both good and bad things about it. But I think I will give it a watch when I get the chance.


Problematic Shitlord
Well there's two threads already, but both are half a year old.

It was funny, nowhere near Superbad or 40 Year Old Virgin though.


Son of Liberty
This was my opinion I had directly after watching it.

Pineapple Express.

I was grossly offended by its stupidity. Seriously though... I thought I've seen some stinkers in my time but this movie was absolutely horrendous. After watching this pile of crap movie I seriously believe I became stupider... Like so stupid it took me an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes that night. That is how fucking mindless this stupid ass movie is.

Pineapple Express can suck my ass
Quite frankly I dont think I'm ready to give it a second chance either.


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loved the movie. It wasn't too far up it's ass like most comedies these days. Nothing I hate more than a comedy movie with some big corny message tacked onto it.


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I fell asleep in the middle of the movie it was boring to me and i didnt even think it was funny. So i really couldn't tell you what the movie was about, all i know is they were doing alot of running around or so it seemed.


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I loved it, mainly because I know people who would actually act this stupid, such as, the running through the woods part randomly screaming at nothing...bahahahaha, yep...good times.