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Pilot to passengers, get out and push.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Siberian air passengers had to get out and push their plane in temperatures of minus 52 degrees Celsius after its chassis froze, Russian prosecutors said Wednesday.

Siberian air passengers get out and push frozen plane: ‘Everyone wants to go home’
I thought this was funny. I have never heard of the passengers having to get out and push the plane. They wanted to get home so they did and it worked, the parking brake unstuck. Only in Siberia.:lol:

I've been through this with my truck after driving through a creek in winter but never a plane. Learned never to set the parking brake in the winter after driving through the creek.


Registered Member
LOL! Yeah its a good way to build body heat pushing a plane. But hey it still made the 1,313 km (816 mile) flight to Krasnoyarsk at -61 degrees F. Btw thats a lot lower than the average temps in Igarka (-30 degrees C or -22 degrees F).
And thats a lot of incentive to get out of Igarka lol! Especially since its 18 degrees F in Krasnoyarsk right now.