Pierce Expected Back This Week



After checking with the medical team and watching Paul Pierce go through Boston's light practice on Saturday, Doc Rivers still had some uncertainty as to when he could expect him back. He is expected to return sometime this week, albeit in a limited capacity.

“It could be sooner (rather) than later,” said the coach, mentioning home games Wednesday and Friday against Miami and New Jersey, respectively, as possibilities. “We talked about it enough that I do know when he does, there’ll be no back-to-backs and there will be an extreme minute limitation early on. They were talking about a 10-12-minute thing early and then 10-15 minutes. I was thinking that ain’t good.”


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That's good news for the Celtics. They were some rumours that he wouldn't come back before the all star break is over. With him in the lineup the team will still struggle, but it won't be as bad. I just hope that Gerald Green will still get the Playing Time when he does come back