Picky landlord question...


Hell, It's about time!
Ok this is in response to my last post in the flaming and complaining section.

Now that I've cooled off about the situation what do you people think I should do about this? I need a place to park, and the street is not an option as I mentioned in the post. This guy is clearly as obstinate as a mule with a broken leg. I've told my landlord whom I get along with great and he explained the extent of his property and it gets real sketchy where I park. I mean it’s seriously only a matter of feet that this guy is pissing over. There are three properties surrounding the driveway and we all share it despite who “owns” it. I mean its parking for Christ sake. Heres a pic I attempted to sketch out in paint to give you an idea what I’m dealing with.



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If you can afford to rent the parking space from him I'd suggest you do that. Make sure you get something in writing and insist on getting a receipt for your payments. Seeing as he's an asshole and you know that, it would behoove you to protect yourself from him if he decided to have your vehicle towed out of spite. You're probably not going to change him, and if you park there without some kind of arrangement with him he'll most likely have your car towed. Then instead of spending your money securing a safe parking spot for you and your children, you'll be paying towing and storage fees to get your car back.



Hell, It's about time!
I'm actually looking up Pennsylvania law on this. I think a common area like a driveway, alley or street can not be claimed by one person or another if a certain amount of people own property around it. In a town like this you park anywhere you can find a spot. In most cases police wont come to the rescue to have it towed. I talked to my landlord and he said he would take care of it. When I moved in I was told I could park there. So we'll see what happens now.


Hell, It's about time!
I'm getting fed up with this place anyway. Between my neighbor upstairs and his bass all damn evening, the kids across the driveway playing on my porch unsupervised at 10pm (damn I don't know how many times i've chased them off), and this new asscock of a landlord next door, im getting pretty pissed off. We're saving up to buy a house next year any way. I'm moving to the country where it is nice and quiet. There wont be a single person for miles :yes: