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One of the sports channels I watched is called The Score. And right now they have something called "Score 64". They show you 64 highlights in elimination rounds (NCAA March Madness style). The viewers gets to pick their favorite highlight each round until a winner is determined. They have tons of sports highlights. What I want to do is the same thing but it only involves backsetball hightlights. The only thing is that I won't put 64 hightlights because we dont have too many members who post in this section.

I am going to post 20 basketball highlights and you the members get to chose which one you think is the best. The hightlight that gets the most votes will move on to the next round. Voting will be allowed only for four days after the first vote is made. (So please members who participate in this keep checking this topic on a daily basis). After the four days are finished I will post the next matchup. When you pick the hightlight I would like you to write a little description why you decided pick that highlight. There's only one rule to this. You can't make your pick a bias one. You pick the highlight that makes your jaw drop in awe.

First Round:

Match-up Number 1

Riggie Miller beats the Knicks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2K0nbSPsbc
Rober Horry Game Winner vs the Kings:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7A6PcTaZ7Q
Hm...Man this is a tough one. I mean they both nailed some awesome shots, but overall I'm going to have to pick number one.

I mean seriously, not only does he hit an immediate 3 on the pass in, but they play some spectacular D to get the ball back and he hits another 3. Although, it does look like there might have been a foul, when he knocked the guy down (sorry don't know who it was) right before he got the ball back. If that guy stayed up and didn't fall down the game might've gone a lot differently. As far as overall impressive victory though, that has to be the one.


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My pick as to go to Reggie Miller beats the Knicks. Scoring 6 points and tying the game in less then 5 seconds in the 4th quarter with 18 seconds left is remarkable. Doing it in a playoff game at Madison Square Garden is simply amazing. The Robert Horry game winner was a pressure shot but nothing like Reggie did. It as to be one of the best clutch shots of all time.


Gotta go with Reggie. It's as simple as this: Horry scored 1 three-pointer, Reggie 2 :)


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Reggie's the clear winner this round. Just the degree of difficulty for some many consecutive three's AND stealing is much higher than shooting an open straightaway 3. He had to shoot a fadeaway 3, steal, run back, and shoot another fadeaway 3. That's really really hard. :p


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I agree with everybody here Reggie Miller's 2 treys were just amazing, i mean o.k. 1 3-pointer but the second one was off balance and rushed. It something that problably wont be done again, Robert Horry's shot is problably done once every year.


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Reggie for sure. Basically its because of what everybody said but I'll just say it again , He hit two amazing shots and the second one was just crazy. That takes it.


Gotta go with Clutch... he did it on the biggest stage, at the biggest time, and he and spike have that feud. It was perfect, showed a certain cocky edge that Reg' hadn't shown that much previoulsy.He carried a certain aura on the court, and Spike has his swag on full tilt 24/7 so it was more of a "score one for the good guys" kinda thing...that Reg pissed off the Martian.Props to Spike tho, gotta love the man.


Of course, Miller's shots were much harder to do. TWO three's in a span of about FIVE seconds, while having to get ONE steal and shoot a fade three? Horry got an accidental tip that went his way and he just shot a wide open three. Try both and find out which one is harder.


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The difference for me is that Reggie did something that hadn't been done before and I don't believe has happened since. We've seen Horry hit shots like that before and after.