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Music Pick Your Battles


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Excellent thread idea @AmericanMusic here are my responses...

(1) Jailhouse Rock
(2) Ticket to Ride
(3) Beatles all the way for me, explanation below

First off, I see AmericanMusic's favorite Beatles song is also Ticket To Ride...I thought I was the only one. That is awesome, always loved that song.

It's the Beatles for me, they are my favorite band of all time and this coming from someone born in 1982. We listened to them growing up more than any other band, my parents got us hooked. I was a George guy growing up.

The coolest thing I've gotten to do is take the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour in Liverpool, UK. I went with my wife in 2013 and then my parents got to go with us in April of last year. We saw all the Beatles houses, went to Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, etc. And then we went to the Cavern where they played originally and watched a live band. So much damn history, it was great.

So uh yeah, Beatles win out for me lol


1.) Can't Help Falling in Love
2.) ---

Elvis kinda wins by default. I'm not a HUGE fan, but I definitely enjoy a few of his songs. I'm not sure if I've even listened to 5 full Beatles songs in my entire life. I know, I know.... I'm a monster. Haha.


Creeping On You
I've never been a big fan of elvis. He was talented for sure, but i don't know. Beatles though, i love for sure.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Even though its close, I would have to pick Elvis.


Suspicious Minds
In the Ghetto
Are You Lonesome Tonight
I Just Can't Help Believing


Back in the USSR
Yellow Submarine


Embrace the Suck
1. Jailhouse rock
2. Help

I prefer Elvis. I acknowledge the Beetles were very influential, arguably the most influential ever, but I always found them overrated. Too pop for my taste.