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Pick up lines ladies?


Registered Member
Okay here is a question. How do you feel if a guy just comes up to you and wanted to say hi and ask for your phone number? I do live here in Colorado and every time I approach a woman they just roll their eyes and brush me off. I know some ladies react differently when guys uses pick up lines. I would like to hear your opinions when a random guy come up to you and wanted to get to know you whether using a pick up line or not. Does it work? or not?


I ♥ Haters
For me personally a pick up line doesn't work. It's flattering, but it doesn't work. I dunno, I perfer if a guy just talks to me casually about anything sports, movies, music, whatever - that'll do the trick. But like you said, every girl reacts to it differently. So it really depends on what kinda girl your talking to.


Registered Member
Don't use lines, just come off as a mentally stable person who will pay for dinner or a coffee.


Sally Twit
I think it'd be nice if the lady felt like you were interested in her as a person and not just interested in getting her in to bed. Do people still use pick up lines?


Pick up lines are the fake ways to approach a woman, in my opinion.
Usually they are used when a guy doesn't know how to impress a woman and thinks that those lines do the trick.

xBubblesx said it right.


It's not me, it's you.
It depends on a lot of different factors.

The only way a pickup line would work for me is how ridiculous it is, and if it was meant to make me laugh. If a guy were seriously using it on me...then it wouldn't work. If it was a joke...it probably would.


I'm serious
I'm with Pam. If the line is a way to break the ice with a joke, then it could easily serve exactly that purpose. Obviously there needs to be follow through though. A pick up line in itself is not going to leave me weak at the knees.

That said, in general, I would say no - they don't work. It would have to be a hysterically funny one never heard before for it to work.


Registered Member
I'm with both CG and Pam on this one.
Unless it was one I hadn't heard before, extremely cheesy with a follow through of conversation or something, then no it wouldn't work, at all.

If it's designed just to get in my pants, then I'm just going to walk away, but if it was said with the intention of actually getting to know me with an underlying desire to get in my pants, then sure I'll bite.


Living on the 0th floor
I would respond much better to a guy just coming up and saying Hi and asking for my number.. Although, I wouldn't just give my number away without some form of a conversation happening first.

As far as a pick up line goes.. If it is used in a serious way it wouldn't work on me.. If he was saying it in a mocking tone to make me laugh, then I'd at least be willing to talk to him.

Making me laugh is a huge plus in talking.


Registered Member
Interesting, I know that pick up lines cliche just to approach someone. And like the last person wrote if it is used to make a joke it would be funny just to make someone laugh. Of course I wouldn't dare to use a pick up line myself. Does one would think it is a way just to break the ice?
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