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Pick three players...


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
to be immortal and play forever (at their best) who would you choose? They don't have to necessarily be the greatest or anything, but who are they and why would you choose them?


Registered Member
Bealiveau (Because Montreal would win another 50 cups!)
Lemiuex (So he could finally show Gretzky who was better)
Gretzky (After 20 years or so, he could join Lemiuex and Bealiveau on the Habs)

Oh god - I just noticed this was in baseball discussion - lol

Robbie Alomar
Joe Carter
Devon White

All three so Toronto could at least make the playoffs. Is baseball still on right now?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I wI would go with:

2. Babe Ruth: Flamboyant, spectacle, greatest player to ever play the game.

2. Lou Gehrig: Gentleman, did everything on that baseball diamond.

3. Mickey Mantle: To see him 500 foot home runs on a consistent basis would be jaw dropping.


Registered Member
Babe Ruth: a slugger who as Bizzy said was flamboyant. He wouldn't be considered PC by today's culture by any means, but he'd be awesome to have him around.

Tony Gwynn: awesome hitter and sounds like he was a great person too.

Lou Gehrig: you can't have the Babe without the Iron Horse!


Registered Member
3. Reggie Jackson - for the playoff greatness and the theatrics of Reggie being Reggie.

2. Walter Johnson - many feel the greatest pitcher of all-time. I'd love to see him in action.

1. Ted Williams - just for the pure unadulterated joy of watching him tell the ESPN gang to "go f*&% themselves" and to see how close he get to .400


Registered Member
Interesting topic. I'm tempted to pick guys only from a long time ago, just to see how they fare against today's players. I had a lot of different names I started to type out, only to change my mind. And if I thought about it more, I might change my mind again.

1. Ozzie Smith - There are always great hitters who mash the ball. There is only one Wizard of Oz. I would love to see how Babe Ruth would do throughout history, but honestly, just seeing him for a couple seasons would be enough. You can never have too many highlight reel plays.

2. Edgar Martinez - One of my favorite players ever, he was dedicated to his job, is a great human being, and was a career Mariner (who never made tons of money), and getting more wins for the Mariners is definitely a motivating factor for me.

3. Felix Hernandez - Another player I love, who's a career Mariner so far - and he's put up with some of the worst Front Offices in team history, so I think there's a good chance he'll stick around. We're paying him a fair chunk of change, but having an ace is important.


Registered Member
1. Christy Mathewson, Greatest Pitcher Ever. Especially from the 1904-1909 Era

2. Ty Cobb. Best hitter ever, best player ever and would bring an edge that is not even close to being seen today

3. Ross Youngs, everyone is saying Ruth so I'm being different here. I love Youngs, no one really understands all he did, but he could do it all and constant leadership.


New Member
Sandy Koufax. Nolan Ryan. Christy Mathewson.

I am wary of a game in which hitting isn't kept in check by the greatest pitchers to ever play.