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Discussion in 'Art & Creative' started by Almost2Clean, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Almost2Clean

    Almost2Clean Guest

    Well i haven;t happened to acquire photoshop. i was wondering if you someone would do me the favor of making me a shaun livingston sig? =)

  2. Fresh

    Fresh Aw, Here It Goes!

    U gotta go to the sig market to request a sig. But how do you like this not finished yet.
  3. Almost2Clean

    Almost2Clean Guest

    Not bad, okay i didn't know that thing about the sig market. Umm theres too much white on it, but i liek it tho, did you make it?, i do like it though. maybe adda border or something, nice.
  4. Blur

    Blur iPimp

    you can get photoshop in the media trading center. go to FC index and scroll down
  5. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I don't see anything with that Shaun Livingston sig. Did you do that Shakist?
  6. Kyo_Muramasa

    Kyo_Muramasa Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n

    wow...u did that like in 16min Shakist? I'm impressed u actually conjured it up that fast >>; But Mr.Clean.....wait that sounds like I'm talking about the bald headed man, but that would fit ur description since u r almost too clean lol. Omega's got a thread for PS C2 go and check it out..I think u might like it since ur looking for PS ^^;
  7. Fresh

    Fresh Aw, Here It Goes!

    Yea I made it. You can tell because the background is well...its bad. But im working on it.
  8. Omega

    Omega Ω

    Just a though, get 30 more post on this site and then in media section there is a free Photoshop CS2 I (Omega) posted there. Get to posting, good luck man.

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