PhotoShop v's PhotoImpact


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Which do you prefer.. PhotoShop or PhotoImpact?
I've never really used PhotoShop that I can remember. I do like PhotoImpact, their isn't that much that you can't do with it. I have one or two slight issues with PhotoImpact, but nothing worth complaining about.



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I've never heard of Photoimpact.:-/

I have been using Photoshop for about 5 years.

My first series graphic editor was Deluxe Paint in the early 90's. After that I used Jasc Paint shop-Pro (now Corel) as then it was the affordable alternative, but as it started to fall behind in development Photoshop took the helm and became the industry standard ....hence I switched loyalties.


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I love PhotoImpact. I missed it so much when I transferred to a new computer without that software. I was able to download a trial pack for free (but it expires after a month) and that's what I used to do the my rooms for the GF tower thread:

ive always used photoshop

it fits my needs perfectly, and has a very big community, due to its popularity

im bad at learning new software


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I've had photoshop for awhile but never heard of photoimpact

Also painter is a good program if you don't like photoshop