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[Photoshop] Have fun with this picture


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all so far so good..All the shots are great, me and Dawn laughed our a$$es off at the clown and Andrews first pic..Although the bow is a bit much...:lol:

Andrew the second one is way cool.....:cool:

So let's see what you all can do over the weekend....


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Attachment thingy doesn't work. I'll hold off for now.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Actually Roland, the attachments wont work right now since there is a server issue that I am working out. Right now we are using the [ IMG ] (without spaces) tag to link to images that we uploaded. Most people are using photobucket from what I can tell.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted any new pics yet . Had a lats min retouch job on some props for DD2 and Hellboy 2.

I can't wait to see these two hit the big screen with some of my work in them.

I will try to post a new pic to play with today.
Thanks to all who played the last round.

I would say that either Rick or Andrew was the winner of the last one. What do you all say?
Well i'm off to find a new pic to play with..

Catch ya in a bit..


what? no pink?
well I would have to vote for rick. his pics turned out really well! but I do like the ghost pic that Andrew did : )


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Hrm i will have to get into the next one ;) Woo my photoshop skills are unlimited ;)