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Photoshop gone too far (misunderstanding beauty)


Well-Known Member
This is a video I recently saw, it was shared by one of my friends that has devoted much of her life to studying this. I've always agreed with her viewpoint but I've never seen it put into action in such clear terms.

Look at this.

Is this Photoshop editing gone too far? - CNN.com Video

It's always annoyed me that we've had this complete misunderstanding of beauty in our society. This affects both genders but I feel it affects women much more.

What are your thoughts on this?


I'm serious
I think our society today has a completely skewed idea of perfection. No one is perfect, apparently not even models, judging by this video. And I agree it affects women more, but men are certainly affected by this way of thinking as well. Maybe not so much on physical appearance than financial stability for men though.

I find it incredibly sad and somewhat depressing that we live in a world where women are expected to look a certain way. What happened to just be healthy and happy? Remember when that was attractive? And speaking of attractive, I often hear people say you just need confidence and I've seen confidence work in some peoples favor. But how are we supposed to be confident in our own appearances when we are this far from perfection. Who determines what is perfect anyway.

Sorry, I get a bit worked up about this topic.


Registered Member
Actually, it does affect men too these days. Well, that's how I see it anyway.

The number of people that won't even look me in the eye when they first meet me is disappointing. They will look at anyone else but me, and I'm convinced that it's because of my misshapen face. Trust me, this has happened far too often for it to be just my imagination.

So, yeah, I think men get it too if they don't happen to fall somewhere in line with society's media saturated view of what beauty must be. It's a false image that's been presented to every one of us, and the sad thing is that most of us buy right into it.


I'm serious
Even those of us who don't want to buy into it, have to at some stage of life. It's almost like you are an outcast if you don't fit the mold. And the mold is skewed, imo. Kids are being bullied for their imperfections. I think imperfections make you unique AND beautiful.

I'm not trying to take the high road here, but as long as I've lived I have not judged, consciously or unconsciously, people based on how they look, and I never will. We all deserve to be loved and adored for who we are, not for what we look like. But society has gone and taught us differently.

It's just sad. :(


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think its sad that so much emphasis has been placed on what you look like. Media gives a unreasonable view of what is beautiful, often through photoshop and people run to the cosmetic surgeon to look that way.

Media puts out this false image of people then sometimes the people in your life say things, intentional or not, that adds to the problem and some end up with such a bad case of low self esteem they can't function. Enter the eating disorders.
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