Photos of things in Saskatchewan and Alberta.


Creeping On You

A lot of these are taking from behind a car window, but I think my camera handled that well. basically, they are in order, from prairies to mountains =P I thought these ones were a little artsy and fancy so I figured I'd share them as photography.


Internet Dig Dug
Nice looking Photo's I especially liked the chipmunk that was looking directly into the camera. The pictures of the snow covered mountains were rather cool as well, down in New Hampshire I don't think we got many of those left now.


Son of Liberty
The foothills ones look A LOT like where I'm from. Gorgeous landscape, I absolutely adore when people take pics like this and share 'em. Thanks for that smel!

Maybe I'll take some soon of good ol' Kerman, California.


Creeping On You
Yah Echoes, I've been to Salt Lake City before, I remember it looking similiar lol. I remember watching a movie once that took place in Banff(where that picture was taken) and they showed the exact same angle at one point in time. Such a great view.


Boom Boom Pow!
Very impressive picture, Smel.

I love the little chipmunk one and the dramatic mountains with the snow look awesome too. Good work!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Those are awesome pictures Smel, my buddy as been to Alberta and took pictures of the mountains as well and they were awesome.

I would take pictures of my area but there's nothing really interesting around here except the Parliment.