Photos in History


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Google is now hosting a huge collection of historic photos from life magazine.

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

Take for example, this pic. Nowadays we are always so worried about everything being perfect in pictures but back when cameras first came out they would just leave their laundry in the background.

LIFE: Civil War - Hosted by Google

I for one think it's pretty cool that we have actual pictures from so long ago.

Feel free to post other cool ones you find when browsing through that new image database on Google.
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Hell, It's about time!
I like the pictures they have of my town from the Civil War Era. It's odd seeing those photos back then, and seeing it today knowing that there was a horse and buggy in that exact spot many years ago. Even more eerie that these buildings are still standing.

These are historic photos from my town.

This one is the most recognizable. This is the fountain in the center of town. Link