Phoenix92 Vip contest! First contest up now.


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I have a little spare money lying around, so i figured that i would give back to the forum by giving out some V.I.P, but i won't give them out for free of course I thought why not run some small contests, all ran in this thread with different topics. If the winner already has VIP they can hold onto it or choose another User to give it too.

I plan on giving out 8-12+ V.I.P in the next 6 months.

First Contest is an easy one

Many(well maybe a couple) of you know I'm an avid cricket fan. So All I want you do do is search on youtube for Cricket catches. If its in a video of many catches, then set a time frame for the ONE catch you want me to judge.

The video i consider to be the best will get a 3 month VIP

Deadline is Midday Sunday(NZ time.)

MSN is [email protected] if you want to talk through any details



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* after seeing what Ysabel posted and figureing out what a cricket catch is, stops searching for videos of people catching bugs....