Philly Phlava and Philly Turmoi

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Allen Iverson will not be playing tonight against the Wizards or in the 76ers next game versus Orlando. The reason being that he did not play at all in the 4th quarter against Chicago, he skipped practice, and failed to show up today at shootaround. This latest episode in the Allen Iverson isn't quite too far from number 3's dameanor, but it may point even closer to the trade rumours about Allen Iverson wanting to be traded.

Source: 76ers Home Page, comp working too slowly to direct link right now.
Quick edit: Sorry for the mispelling in the title: It should have been turmoil ;)


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So im guessing he really wants to be out of Philly he pulled some stupid like this at the end of last year by not playing in fan appreciation day, they really need to strighten this out before it blows outta hand.


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I believe it's going to be very hard to trade him because is contract is really big, he would have to get traded for another person who has a big contract. In my mind that person can be Stephon Marbury I know Starbury is not having a good season this year, but both make a lot of money so contracts wouldn't be that big of an issue, and both team would get good players.


Wow, the Sixers really need to solve this situation and fast. The only bad thing about what you said Vince Carter, is that I doubt that AI wants to go to the Knicks. If he wanted to do that, he might as well stay in Philly, even though the Knicks are doing a little bit better in the standings... He needs to go to a team where he can immediately contribute yet at the same time, not have to do everything for the team and have a chance at the title.