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    The Scooter was born in Brooklyn as a Dodger fan. But in the end he was a Yankee all the way.
    Small in stature, he was large in heart. Rizzuto played the game as it should be played.
    He may have been one of the greatest bunters of all time. Every Old-Timers game when he was healthy enough to play, he was sure to lay one down.
    I never saw him play. He retired the year before I was born, But his voice was one of the most recognizable. He was to me the voice of the Yankees. And Sorry Harry, to me Rizzuto was "Holy Cow".
    In 1969 Yankee fans named him their greatest Shortstop, a title he has since lost to Jeter. In 1950 , he was League MVP.
    Some people feel he does not belong in Cooperstown. I will agree that there are players not in that I would put in before Scooter. There are also players in the Hall, IMO, that deserve it less than him.
    If nothing else he should join his mentor Mel Allen as recipients of the Frick Award.


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    Not to debate was he a Hall of Fame player or not but it is certain that although not one of the greatest Yankees in the 1940s and 1950s he was very valuable to that team and did pay a part in all those championships.

    Consider this comment from a man who played for one of the Yanks biggest rivals in the 1940s and 1950s, player from the Red Sox.

    " If we had Rizzuto in Boston we'd have won all those pennants instead of New York."
    Words from the great one, Ted Williams.

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