Phase 10 or Skip-Bo?

Do you play either of these? Do you like either of these? Which one is better?

I personally love Phase 10, easily the best non-poker card game out there. I usually get my ass kicked by Jasz, but I still keep coming back for more. Ha.

Skip-Bo is fun, but I think it takes waaaay too long and that is saying something, considering Phase 10 can break an hour or hour and a half. It gets frustrating once you get your deck cleared out and have to deal with the cards in your hand and the discard piles.

I choose Phase 10 by a mile.


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I used to play Skip-Bo, like 10 years ago. I don't even remember exactly how to play anymore. :lol:

Never played Phase 10. I love those types of card games though. Quiddler is pretty fun where you're trying to make words.


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Never played Phase 10, but I love Skip Bo. I usually kicked the crap out of my family playing that, when I was growing up.


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I've had some really good times with Phase 10. I forgot all about the game until you mentioned it.

Going to pick up a deck because I miss the game.
I prefer phase 10 and when I used to play it, each player decided which phase they were going for as we stopped going in order and I made up quite a few new phases too.


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I had no idea what either of these were so I googled them. Sounds the same as Uno? If so, i've played a couple times, but I don't find the game challenging so don't really enjoy it.
Phase 10 isn't like Uno and Skip-Bo is only slightly like it.

Phase 10 can be really challenging, Skip-Bo is ususally just annoying near the end. Ha.