Pharmaceutical adveritising


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An interesting epidemic in the United States is not disease, but the advertising of products to cure disease. Consumers are inundated with ads for Lipitor, Zoloft and Ambien. But why? I'm not a doctor. I go to the doctor, he finds out what ails me, and prescribes what is medically appropriate. I have no clue whether these medications are effective or safe.

What do you think?


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I wonder why pharmaceuticals would advertise prescription drugs on the television, directly to the consumers when the latter would need a doctor's permission (and professional advice) to obtain the drugs anyway. Is it because
some doctors are also quick to prescribe whatever their patients name (in terms of brands, not necessarily the diagnosis).

I'm sure the networks aren't complaining with the revenue they get from what these companies pay them for the spots.

But if companies use this strategy, it must be effective and these drugs get prescribed more than "unknown" brands or generics. I know some people who wouldn't dare buy generic medication even if they're essentially the same and cost cheaper. They prefer what they've heard on advertising. Some are not aware that when they buy these drugs, part of the extra cost is also to cover the packaging and advertising expenses of the company, that made the consumer think of and buy the product in the first place. A cycle.


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It's not legal in Canada for the Pharma companies to advertize. We are however exposed to American TV and all the Pharma ads you see there. My oldest boy is a Dr. and it bugs the daylights out of him when he gets people coming in to see him and requesting meds that they have seen advertized in the media. It's not a though these companies do not have reps that are trying to sell the Dr.s on an everyday basis.
All this does is adds to the cost of already expensive meds. Meds are a lot less money in Canada than in the USA ansd maybe this whole attitude plays a part in that.