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Peyton Hillis: Reaching 1000 yards


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
If Peyton Hillis doesn't get injured, he'll be the first caucasion player in 25 years to reach a 1,000 rushing yards.

What does this mean big deal or no big deal???

I'm not trying to make this a race thing, but it's not every year that you get a caucasion player rushing for a 1,000 yards. Like I mentioned, the last time we saw it was 25 years ago.


Haters gonna hate.
That would be a big deal given the state of the racial environment in the NFL these days. I'll be rooting for him!


Well, if he does make it to 1,000 yards, good for him. He's had one hell of a season. The sad part is that if/when he does reach that mark, racists most likely won't shut the fuck up about it.


Registered Member
It's great for a white running back to have success like this, It makes me happy to know that someone's giving them a chance. He's the next Alstott, but a lot better.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Well there's no question whether or not he'll get there. Peyton Hillis has rushed for 56 yards already today and surpassed the 1,000 yard mark. I think it's a pretty incredible accomplishment. I'm sure Hillis doesn't want anyone to make a big deal about this, and he's hoping no reporters will ask him about, but I believe it's a great achievement, and I didn't expect any caucasion running backs rushing for 1,000 yards this season.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Good for him and I don't think it's racist to bring this up...it's just the truth. African Americans dominate the position so to see a white kid do this that's awesome and congrats to him.

A friend of mine/coworker is good friends with him as they both went to Arkansas together.
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