Pettitte Arrives Early For Congressional Committee Discussions


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#1 - Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte showed up early for his closed-door interview Monday with lawyers from a congressional committee looking into drug use in baseball, according to an ESPN news report.

Pettitte, clutching hands with his wife, did not speak to reporters on his way into the offices of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. His meeting is part of preparation for a Feb. 13 public hearing expected to focus on Roger Clemens' denials of allegations about his use of performance enhancers made in the Mitchell report by Brian McNamee.
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Should be very interesting to see what happens when Clemens shows up for his hearing, he's been denying using any subtance, but he's going to need to do the same under-oath soon.


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If he says he didn't use them then I think he goes down for lying under oath, too.