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Okay, this is lame, but my biggest and most time-consuming hobby is my cats. I have one in my lap now and we spend lots of time together. I know, I know.

I think most people spend a lot of time taking care of animals. Who out there has pets? What kind and what are their names?

Any other cat people out there, or am I all alone with Wynnie and Nube? (my kitties)


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I love cats as well, but only have one right now: Ember (with glowing yellow eyes!). I do also love my tropical fish, and have 3 aquariums.


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I would love to get a cat but i have two little ones and i dont know how well they would take to a kitten running around. I hardly have time to keep after them and then add a cat to clean up after. I didnt even mention the gerbil that would freak out if i introduced a cat into the house.


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lol... I'm sure they would take great to a kitten running around. I think the question is if the kitten would take well to having its ears and tail pulled. :p Kids and cats together is sort of a delicate situation, I agree. Cats aren't patient like dogs.

You know, I can't believe there are more posts in the Star Wars Collectors thread than the pets one. :D

Nobody even has a dog?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I have a boxer bull (half pit bull, half boxer. Both parents were pure bred) and a standard (huge) poodle. I also have a two year old ball pyhton, and some fish.


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I have a dog name Zippy and have many fishies. Let's start with the Saltwater tank. I have a marine betta name Betty, a blue tang name Tammy, and the yellow tang name Tracy. And now to my over 50 aquarium fresh water fish. Frank, Joseph, Andy, etc. I really don't name my fishies. I also have a turtle name Tom.

I love animals.


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lol... see? You CAN bully people into posting in your threads! :p Good for me. :p

I wish I had a dog, but I cant have one in my small apartment. I LOVE labs, Andrew. I would love to get a yellow lab. They have such sweet faces.

Anybody ever own a weird or exotic pet?


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I am currently owned by two dogs (Nutmeg - pit mix, Godiva - Lab mix), two cats (Yen - long hair, Sid - short hair), two dwarf hamsters (Cuddley and Mickey), and two ferrets (Phantom and Leo).
They take up tons of time and are very jealous of my kids. Its so funny when the kids get off the bus, I swear I hear the animals groan because they know that I cant let them all out to play with each other. Back to cages, back to lounging they go. As if they have it rough or something :)
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