Petition! FCers, UNITE!


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Okay, this is a petition for only FCers because no GFers will know what I'm talking about.

So here it is. I'm talking to Pugz and I'm trying to get her to come back. She asked me to make a petition because she wanted to know how many people even cared if she came back. She wants to come back but is worried people hate her or just don't care if she ever comes back. So if you want her back please sign this petition!

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Let this be a note to you Pugz:

I really don't want to sign this because we all liked you and you didn't stand by us even when we pleaded to get you back. You whined, complained, and left. Enough of this childish bullshit and just come post with us again! Everyone here would love you, this is a much different place than FC. So please, come back and post, you have a clean slate!



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Okay, I was about to say you'd have a better job trying to get blood out of a stone, but I guess I was wrong...

Which reminds me, I should really get my ass on MSN Messenger more often...