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Movies Peter Jackson to Direct Hobbit? ..and in 3D!


Secret Agent
Staff member
Now this is exciting news for LOTR fans everywhere. Peter Jackson was originally tied to the Hobbit movie only as producer, with Pan's Labyrinth's Guellermo del Toro as the director. All that has changed recently.

To make a long story short, peter Jackson is currently in negotiations for director role as well, which I'm sure he will get if WB and/or MGM are smart, they will pay him what he wants.

How New Line Cinema let this one go, I have no clue. Oops for them.

Peter Jackson Directing ‘The Hobbit’? TOLDJA! – Deadline.com

Oh, and it also looks like it will be filmed in true stereo 3D, like Avatar was.


Son of Liberty
Question is... will Peter Jackson even be able to do it with the Screen Actors Guild up his arse.

THE battle between the makers of the film The Hobbit and the global acting fraternity could derail coming screen sector negotiations in Australia.

The Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance's aggressive stance for New Zealand actors, backed strongly by the US Screen Actors Guild, has opened wounds in an Australian film sector unable to attract international productions and wary of an actors' fraternity now in conflict with crew guilds working under the same MEAA banner.

The Screen Producers Association of Australia is in the midst of negotiating a new Australian feature film agreement just as international acting guilds, led by the MEAA, have called for actors to boycott The Hobbit, a US studio film in New Zealand.

Hobbit battle threatens screen sector talks in Australia | The Australian


I'm serious
That is exciting news (so I'm a dork, so what :lol:).
I cannot wait to see what the end result of this will be. I can only imagine it would take them ages to make this movie. There are so many involves scenes and plots and twist in this story, it should be an amazing piece of cinematography one Jackson is done with it.

Definitely excited for this one!


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Guillermo del Toro definitely would have been able to make it a good movie but let's face it, Peter Jackson did a completely flawless job with the trilogy there's obviously reason to believe that Jackson could do it better just because he can capture the feel of The Lord Of The Rings exactly the way it was done.

Any word on Ian McKellen or Andy Serkis?