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PETA took dog from porch and killed it.


Free Spirit
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A Virginia family says animal-rights activists took their pet Chihuahua and killed the dog.

Virginia dad claims PETA took his family dog from porch and killed it
I would like to know why PETA did this. They man had it on video them doing this yet the charges were dropped. I would like to know why. They will not give a reason for them doing this.

They are always complaining when others mistreat animals but it seems they do this themselves. I don't understand this bunch. This was not a stray dog.



I guess over there it's okay to go around kidnapping and killing peoples' pets. If I was still a pet owner and saw someone trying to make off with my pet, they'd get the tar kicked out of them. If they can't get the people for larceny, how about trespassing? I see a class action lawsuit in PETA's future. And just out of curiosity, how does kidnapping and killing animals count as "Ethical Treatment"?

- Cham


Free Spirit
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No its not okay to kidnap someones dog or kill it here. Well unless your a cop, then you can say that little poodle had me in fear for my life.

I don't know how PETA got away with this. I hope they get sued and these women that did it and ever who authorized it go to jail.


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In a word

PETA calls it "keeping animals for amusement".
Also PETA is a multi-million dollar "charity" group with powerful lawyers.
And they WILL KILL your pet if they can find a way to steal it. Then they will fight you in court if you complain.

More about PETA.
1. PETA has no facilities for animal adoptions.
2. PETA doesnt do any advertising or make any attempts to get the animals adopted.
3. PETA kills almost all the animals they pick up.
4. Then they toss the remains in dumpsters.
Shocking Photos: PETA's Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies | Nathan J. Winograd

A celeb thats dying of cancer is leaving PETA $100 million in his will. He thinks PETA cares about animals.
If you really wanna help then just read the "What can you do?" section in this article. The celeb needs to know what PETA really is and there are other people you can contact too if you wanna stop this pet killing op.
PETA Reportedly Steals and Kills a Family Dog | Douglas Anthony Cooper

You can let these people know that you strongly oppose what PETA is doing.
The Commonwealth Attorney's name is Gary Agar. His office number is 757-787-2877; the office email is [email protected].
The co-creator of the Simpsons (Sam Simon) can be contacted through his organization online. Just let them know what PETA is doing to pets.
Mr. Simon is very ill, and it's perhaps best to tweet your outrage to his foundation (whose work PETA is busy undermining): @ssfoundation1. And please let PETA themselves know what you think: @PETA
You may wanna do this before PETA steals and kills your pet.
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Free Spirit
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PETA needs to go the way of the dinosaur. I've never seen such a messed up organization. They have no right to take people's pets like this. What's even worse charges weren't filed against them. They need to be charged.

I can't believe celebrities have anything to do with them and are willing to wear a meat dress for them or do other ridiculous things. Any celeb that supports them should be black balled.

I hope that man doesn't leave them the money. If he wants to help animals leave it to different no kill shelters or even the Humane Society.