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Pet Peeves ugggggggggggggg


Registered Member
*Cleaning the kitchen just to have everyone be hungry and want lunch

*Having a full sink by dinner time with a full dishwasher full of clean dishes to put away.......

*Finding as I am putting the NEW dirty dishes in the dishwasher peanut butter knives and spoons soaked in a glass of water Uggggggggg <sick stomach>

*Everyone yelling "whats for dinner?" as I am cooking it, but no one helps out!

Ok I have more, but I have to run up stairs to finish making dinner that everyone is screaming about but no one will help hahahahahaha



Registered Member
lol..... thats funny! Some of my pet peeves are: Never having a dish washer....people screaming they are hungry then not eating enough, cooking for an hour and a half and the meal is over in like 10 minutes...... Putting away the food then someone is always hungry again as soon as I put it away!
But I dont want anyone in MY KITCHEN while I am cooking! LOL :)


Registered Member
When the family screams they are hungry and you ask them what they want and they say nothing.

When dinner is done and I say "DINNERS READYYYY", and they dont come running to eat because they were SOOOO hungry *grumble*

When the only baking pan I have is dirty and I need it.

When no one offers to clean that pan so I can cook them dinner.
... trust me when I tell you there are tons more Im just doing 50 things at once and everyone else is watchin a movie right now........


Registered Member
When I speak, I sometimes have to stop and pause to think of the next word I want to say (I swear I am getting old-timers)... and I HATE to be interrupted, especially at that moment. I hate MORE to be cut off in the middle of a sentence because it's hard for me to regain my train of thought.

I also HATE HATE HATE shoes with super long shoe strings left in the middle of the floor (exH's work boots). damn things get caught in the vacuum.


Registered Member
*When people talk to me before I even get out of bed!

*The Kids (this includes hubby) drinking the last of the Milk and does not say a word.....until Breakfast time!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

*Always getting in a car with no gas to go get the Milk....

*Always the one to fill up the tank (grrr he has his own car, stop driving mine)

*That it is indeed laundry day! AGAIN!

*Getting on the puter first thing just to find your picture auction pulled (shrugs, oh well)

ok this mornings Pet Peeves


Registered Member
Husbands waking you from a sound sleep to ask you "Did you want me to wake you up this morning early?"

Children screaming for the cupcakes before they've eaten breakfast

Running out of smokes first thing in the morning

Having only one car so I can't go get anything or do anything


Wanna play?
My biggest pet peeve right now is this stinkin' hot weather.....I'm moving to Alaska!!!!!
*Finding yesterdays dishes in the living room
*Walking in the door after work to a chorus of "she did, can I , I want...MOMMMMYYYY"!!!!!!!
*The boss being here when I want to play with you guys! :( (I'll do it anyway though)!!!!


Registered Member
Yeah I know what you mean about one car, all we have is a truck, and not enough room for everyone so we can go no where as a family.........................................


Registered Member
iggyshotthebear said:
Husbands waking you from a sound sleep to ask you "Did you want me to wake you up this morning early?"

Yeah that one and then finding out that was just as good a question he could think of to use to wake you up to try and get some! LOL


Registered Member
*Finding your ATM Debit/Credit card after you've already reported it lost and are now without one until they decide to send the new one.
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