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Sally Twit
Do you have any silly or cute names that you call your pets or your loved ones?

I call my mum Moomin and I call my boyfriend all sorts of names which I won't list but the one I use the most is Bubsy.


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My cat is called Lynx and so sometimes I call him Wynxie. Depending on what mood I am in I sometimes call my Mum Mummy or Ma.


still nobody's bitch
I call my dog Sam "Wam" or "Wam Wam Doodle Bell"

I have various nicknames for my daughter - Naney, Fred, Charlie, Little Girl. I call my boyfriend's kids Junior sometimes.


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I call my friend
. My cousin introduced me to him and I was like are you serious? So that's what I call him too cause everyone calls him that and he doesn't mind.

I call one of my dogs Zippy cause he moves very quick. My boxer is Tyson
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Ms. Malone
We nicknamed our Staffy 'Boo' and i called him 'Doogel' 'cause he always spun around in a circle whenever we mentioned walkies :lol:

Muppet is nicknamed 'Bubs', i don't know why though but i like calling him it, Spud is nicknamed 'Spaz' or 'Crackhead' because of the way he skips, jumps and dances around; and they both often get called 'Flea Bag' and 'Stinky'.


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I have a couple of nicknames for my son Connor, little wrecking ball, hotrod due to his red hair and tendency to go around at full speed from the moment he wakes till bed time, and he is also named nightmare from time to time.

My eldest girl I call Abbie dabbie which she hates,lol.
My other little girl I call babes or Erinator not sure why though.

I used to have a little Jack Russle, I think my brothers just wanted to confuse her, a female named dog, who they nicknamed cat.


my friend's dog is called Michi [pronounced like michigan]. i like that name.
or another name i've heard is Toochi or choochi [for dogs]

i laughed at Wam Wam Doodle Bell
Yes, I have names for my pets.
Real name: Joshua
Pet name: Joshie-fish

Real name: Buster
Pet names: Boo-boo, Bust, Bustie, Bust-er-a**, Boo-Boo Buster Bunny Butt, Buns...the list goes on

Real name: Pongolo (named after her dead mom-RIP)
Pet names: Pongie, Pongers, Ping Pong, Pongoro, Mole (because she likes to burrow) and others


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German Shepherd (Died 3 years ago) - His name was Rex, everyone called him Rex and he wouldn't reply and I call him RexxyBoy and he always replied :D Ah god, I miss that dog.

Got a Maltese dog at the moment, I hate him so much. Original name, Coco. I call him Cockhead. I absolutely despise him.