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Pet Names


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Do you have or did you have any pets? If so what is or what was your pet's name, what kind of pet is it and how di you come up with your pets name?


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you don’t want me to get into the subject of pets. There are plenty of them to mention and talk about. But I once had a cat named Gizmo. Named after the favorite Gremlin. No I am not talking about gremlins:lol:. . it took him time as a kitten to get adjusted. But once he did he felt at home. In fact he did not want to go outside. He was afraid when people used to walk by and the walk way would shake . but he would still look out the window.
Everything was ok until about after a year and a half. He started marking in my apartment. There was no way to stop him. . This was the hardest thing to do. But I had to let him go at the park. No one wanted him as a pet. I could not let my apartment stay this way. I even had to throw out my couch and recliner chair and some clothes. I should have had him fixed. But I did not know much about cats. I still think about this cat sometimes. I wonder if he made it ok. People told me cats are good survivors. I hope someone was feeding him from their porch. I felt really bad though to do this. It hurt me more than most anything else I had done. . especially since he was not an outside cat before. If I knew this was going to happen I never would have gotten the cat.


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I have had 5 dogs and 1 cat and 2 rabbits.

I was only able to name the last 2 dogs, the cat and both rabbits.
The first dog was Buster, and he got his name when I went to pick up from a litter with his sister Brandy. My oldest brother and I went in his work truck to get them he kept her and my dog was sliding all over the truck. So I said just where do you think you're going Buster?

Then my last dog was named Nicholas because it was close to Christmas.

Then came my cat when she was about 6 mos she was wandering outside alone and it was chilly. She had no collar and I didn't know who she belonged to. 1 night after celebrating my birthday she followed me in my house and I first thought she was male so I named her Leo because she looked like lion coloring. When I found out she was female I changed it to Cleopatra as in Cleopatra of (de Nile-denial) because no one wanted her.
I was heartsick for so long when she passed and Nicholas passed.

Somewhere in between I had 2 rabbits the 1st was honey she was sick when she was bought and the last one was Benny because I liked the way it sounded.


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For many years we had a tradition of naming our pets after Tolkien characters. We had a black Labrador called Bilbo, he was a gentle giant, and the best dog anyone could ever have. He was put to sleep about 14 years ago, but I still miss him and think about him a lot. We also had cats called Sam, Frodo, Rosie and my Mum had a bull dog called Gandalf before I was born. Growing up there were various fish and hamsters with random Tolkien names.

Out of the 4 dogs we have had the other 3 were called Honey, Jason and Tia.

I currently have a cat. His name is Sheldon, and yes, I am a Big Bang Theory fan :D I wanted a Tolkien name, but couldn't find one that suited him, but Sheldon does so I settled on that.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I try to wait a week or two before giving my animals a nickname that really pops. I came up with Sir Winston Churchill because of my cat's attitude. I had another cat that the name Liliana, or Lily for short, fit very well. She was long, very skinny, and reclusive. It was the perfect fit for her. The same goes for dogs.


Free Spirit
Staff member
When I first saw my dog to me she looked like a Heidi so that is what I named her. Sometimes it takes me a while to come up with a name but sometimes I know what I want to name them from the moment I see them.


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I used to have a pet cockatiel. He died in 2003. He was a part of my life for over 12 years.

When I was a kid, I liked watching WWF wrestling. One of the wrestlers name back then was named "Luke." I thought it was a cool name. Hence, I named my bird "Luke."


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My cats name are Susie and Missy. They are really adorable and cute. They have a very nice fur and I love to cuddle them everyday.
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