Pet Cones


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Have you ever had to put a cone on your pet's head? One of my dogs has one of these on. It doesn't seem very fun. It will probably be on for a week or so.

Here's a pic for those of you who have no clue what I am talking about:


Poor thing doesn't know what's going on. Keeps bumping into walls and stuff.


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My dog had to have one on when he got run over, he didnt like it at all but it was off in a short while then he was back licking himself :laugh:


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My cat had to wear one when she got fixed. It was awful to see her bumping into things and not being able to see where she was going.

She kept putting her head down so the cone would always dig into the carpet and then she couldn't walk. Somehow she managed to undo it and get at her stiches. Not a very fun time for the pet or the owner of the pet tbh.


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Funny you should create this thread now, my dog has one on at the moment.

He was neutered yesterday so has to wear one when unattended so he does not lick the stitches out. I think it is causing more distress than the wound, he does not look very happy wearing it and continually tries to paw it off. I try to not leave it on for long, only overnight or when he is being persistent with the licking.

The one he has is a clear perspex and yeah he walks into everything, everytime he walks through to the other room he catches the door and it closes in front of him, cue 5 minutes of him trying to work out why he cant fit through the ever closing gap.:lol::shifteyes::cute::sigh:


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Haha, you're right Brix, my dog does look like yours.

Mine has never had to wear a cone, even when he got neutered, so I guess he's lucky.

Why does he have to wear it?


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I have had a couple of dogs over the years that have had to wear one of those contraptions, and none of them were very happy about it.

When I was younger we had a Jack Russel called Dog who had to wear one, poor thing she was so short that if she dropped her head even slightly the cone would catch on the carpet, she was always trying to jump on the sofa while wearing it to, the bottom of the cone would catch the sofa and she would end up in a pile on the floor.