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I started playing $5 NLHE Tourneys with friends a few years ago. I came across Bill Burton's Get the edge at Low-Limit Hold'em -From the Kitchen to the Cardroom at Duane Reade while waiting for a friend of mine. After reading that book, I realized that the game was intricate and interesting - and more importantly - that the game could be beat. I became a poker book junkie. It took me a while to figure out that I prefered No Limit to Limit Hold'em, and wasted time jumping between Limit and NL books. I've been playing a weekly home game for 10 months and have been on an online site for 2 months.

I prefer cash games, but will start playing SNG and MTT's and can use any advice! I'm also new to online play, so any online advice would be welcome too!

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I pwn noobs
I increased my ROI by 5% after reading Scott Fishman's book on sng play. It teaches you what to do at every stage of the sng. When to get agressive when to play tight. He also teaches you how to do better in satalite tourneys. Ive been playing for only 3 years but am very good at reading people and one of the best players i know (not to toot my own horn)