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How much do you perserver with things in life?

Do you give up easily or are you a fighter who strives for success and completion?

It really depends what it is. If it's work related then I'm all too easily in favour of giving it up and passing the buck but if it's working out or a competition then I will keep going to get positive results and will strive for success. When it comes to sport I have high levels of perserverance but for work I don't.
I keep at things unless I know that it's a completely lost cause. My senior year of high school when my AP Calculus teacher told me to drop the class because I was doing poorly and had no chance of passing the class, let alone the AP Calc test, I just got more determined to pass his class. I ended up passing both the class and the AP Calc test. My only regret is that I didn't go back there and rub it in his face.


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Usually I'm halfway. I want to do well and push towards it, but at the same time I get frustrated very easily.


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I can get frustrated pretty quickly, but I always keep pushing through to archive what I have to, be it anything really.


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I keep at things unless I know that it's a completely lost cause.
Same here. I want to be able to say I've done what I can first, then I give up. There are also areas when I'm more persevering than others. It depends on the value I put into the situation at hand. If I don't think it's really important, I don't kill myself trying.


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I would seem like the kind that would give up because I always feel worthless and inferior to others, but perhaps that's my strength. I don't give up. Ever. If I do you know that something is very, very wrong.