Do you wear it? If so, is it everyday or only on special occasions?

I'm asking because I have a client who comes in dripping a sickly sweet scent and insists on hugging me everytime she's here; which means I'm stuck smelling her for hours afterward.:urp:

I'm not much on wearing perfume, so when others have a ton on, it gives me a headache.


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I don't wear it daily because I prefer to wear one only when I go out of the house (which doesn't happen daily). For regular use, I pick the eau de cologne or eau de toilette; they're not as strong as eau de parfum which I save for special occasions.

I also don't like it when someone reeks too much of his/her perfume. I get dizzy too. My nanny's perfume is so strong that she leaves the room with her smell (and her perfume sticks on my son's clothes too).


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I usually use just body spray Bath & Body Sweet Pea or maybe Orchid from Avon. Otherwise I'll have some Vanilla Fields perfume that is a light scent when going out.


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from time to time i'll wear just a little Egyptian Musk, mostly for my own olfactory pleasure.

I hate it when you can smell someone several feet away. that's too much.


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My supply is running low, so I don't wear it so often. I usually wear it when I'm out with my girlfriend.


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I just wear it when I go out somewhere, I don't wear to work at often. The name of my cologne is Le Sexual, I think it smells very good, and so does the ladies. But I'm running low, so I'll need to buy a new bottle very shortly.


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I wear perfume daily...though I don't put on much. I'll put a little on my left wrist, rub my wrists together, and then rub my wrists on my neck. There are a few different scents I like, so which one I wear depends on my mood or what I'm planning on doing.


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I wear cologne pretty much everyday. I just use one light spray though, because I can't stand when people reek of it.