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Perfect shift


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Let's say you have to work an eight hour shift for work, what would your perfect hours for the day be?

For me, it's 7am to 3pm. Unlike many people, I'm definitely a morning person so I'd like to start bright and early so I can finish early and have the rest of my evening and night to do what I want to do.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I've worked 8-4:30 for the last four years, so I'm definitely used to that. I may try switching to 7:30-4:00 at some point, but I'm not the best morning person. The traffic is so much lighter on both ends of the commute, though, which I could learn to love.


No Custom Title Exists
I work all weird hours, oh the life of hospitality.

I love night shifts so I usually work 4.30pm to 11pm. I would rather have days off so i can go out for lunch and sleep in.