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MLB Perfect games vs Four home run game


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Four homers: 16 times

Perfect game: 23 times

what is more impressive in your opinion, and why?


Registered Member
4 home run games. Why? Because as you point out, it's happened 30.4% less than a perfect game.

Case closed, bitches.


The return shall be legenday!
Agreed with BJBirdy! If you think about how many chances there are to acomplish each feat, the HR's look much more impressive. Every game there is only 1 pitcher per team who gets a chance at a perfect game, but there are 9 batters per team who get a shot to hit 4 HR's. So if the two tasks were exactly equal in difficulty, you would expect to see 9 times as many 4 HR games as you see perfect games pitched.

Although, I think a perfect game is more exciting to watch, because every pitch you're hanging on the anticipation that this could be the pitch that ends the perfect game. With 4 HR's, it really comes down to the final 1 or 2 at bats for that specific player as the only suspensful moments.


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Personally I think the pitching feat is harder. There's 27 chances to get a hit, walk, error, hit by pitch, passed ball/wild pitch on a third strike. You're talking perfect game so it's not just a hit that can ruin it.

I saw one game Jose Rijo was perfect around seven innings and you lived and died with each pitch. I've also been present for a 3 HR game by Tom Brunansky and that was amazing but never had the same feel or excitement as a near perfecto.

BTW this is my first post.
Four home runs. A perfect game takes a considerably more amount of luck than the four-homer game. Hitters can slash line drives all day that are still outs if hit to a fielder. Most of the guys who threw perfectos were highly unlikely candidates. In the four-homer game, you also need the four at-bats. If you've already hit three and you come to the plate, you may be intentionally walked.