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Perfect Day for Her & Him


Registered Member
The perfect day according to:


8:45 wake up to hugs and kisses
9:00 5 Pounds lighter on the scale
9:30 Light Breakfast
11:00 Sunbathe
12:30 Lunch with best friend at Outdoor Cafe'
1:45 Shopping
2:30 Run into Boyfriend's/Husband's ex - notice she's gained 30 lbs.
3:00 Manicure, Facial, Massage, Nap.
7:30 Candlelight dinner for 2 and dancing.
10:00 Make Slow, sweet, romantic love.
11:30 Pillow talk in his big strong arms.


10:00 Wake up
10:02 Sex
10:10 Big Breakfast
11:30 Drive up coast in Ferrari with gorgeous babe
2:15 Enormous lunch
3:15 sex
3:25 Play sports with the guys
4:30 Drink Beer with the guys
6:30 Meet Claudia Schiffer
6:40 sex
6:50 Huge dinner, more beer
11:00 Full on, get down, gorilla sex
11:10 sleep.

From: GigglePedia