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3ds Perfect Dark on DS


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I am a die hard Rare fan, as many of you may already not know. Now Perfect Dark on the DS is summat of a wet dream for myself, wireless link up, wireless online and just PERFECT DARK ON THE DS! Now we all know that what we want is usually what we do not get, but we can still dream. And this recent Scribes on Rarewares website certainly will not help my sleepless nights of Perfect Dark related stress:

I was so glad that Perfect Dark Zero came out! I thought it would never come out since it was cancelled on the Gamecube. Why exactly did it get cancelled? I was also wondering if PDZ would be coming out on any other gaming consoles besides the Xbox 360. There's the Nintendo DS which could have a little version of it and Sony is coming out with a more powerful console and I was wondering if would be possible to release it on that.
One more thing. Is the real life PDZ model of Joanna that you see on the TV commercial the same as the previous model from the first PD with slightly longer hair or is it someone different? If so, who is it? That question has been pickin' at me the past couple weeks.
Continue to do the great work!

Scribes: Um, PDZ never came out on the GameCube because we were bought by Microsoft and releasing exclusive titles for rival platforms would be fairly poor business sense. That's about all there is to it. For much the same reasons (bar the exclusivity) it's unlikely you'll ever see it on the PS3.
No, I'm fairly sure it's not the same Joanna model this time around. Let's just check that with the team: "Different lady. Totally. No shared relatives for fifty generations. The lawyers were very specific about that."
I've just noticed I didn't specifically deny a DS edition of Perfect Dark while I was banging on about the PS3 and GameCube - I could easily rectify that, but it'll be fun to watch the conspiracy theories unravel.
Posted unedited, because it was all quality stuff :D


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I actually wouldnt care if it came out because I wouldnt buy it.

I am also a huge Rare fan, but not of there 'shooter' games... Release a BlastCorps DS or Banjo DS and I will be all over that


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It would make little business sense to release Zero on the DS, I am talking about the original PD or maybe even a new one. Rare are now saying that they DO support the DS, so what will happen is anyones guess. Right now is a very good time to be a Rare fan, oh yes indeed.

All the Rare doubters will be eating the words they spat out so bitterly for the last 4 years, but they will probably say they were Rare fans all along :p


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I wouldn't buy a shooter on the DS. I already wish the controls were better. I can't imagine trying to play a shooter on it. It would be like Wolfenstein 3D all over again...


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well the metroid demo that came with the DS wasnt that bad... certainly playable, but its just not my style of games, thats why I wouldnt get it


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The only way PD on the DS would W-O-R-K is if the POV were 3D instead of 1-P like everyone's used to. :D

But in English, what I'm saying is that it would have to be a 3rd person shooter instead of a first, and that might suck. But then again all the PD Zero commercials show Joanna in 3rd person cutscenes anyway and lie like all the rest of them. Not like you can actually TRUST gaming commercials. Fucking marketing whores.


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This would be a very good thing. If it's the original Perfect Dark, then I'd be able to play the original fully, which I've never done. Plus, I've played that Metroid demo. It worked well, AND it had multiple controls. In one you use the stulus to look around, d-pad (buttons for left-handrs) to move, and L/R to shoot. There was another where you use the stylus to shoot wherever you touch, and I forget the other controls. They worked rather well.


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I loved how the Metroid game was set up. For me, the DS is great for FPS. Its a shame that only one is out, but hopefully there will be alot more than just metroid this year.