Percocet Dosage after Surgery

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hypnoticmeg, Sep 18, 2010.

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    I just had surgery yesterday to correct a bunion on my right foot. I was prescribed 5-325mg Oxycodone/APAP (substitution for Percocet). The dosage states 1 pill per 6 hour period.

    I took one last night at 10pm before bed despite having no pain yet as told to by the nurse (the pain would start when the anesthesia wears off about 6 hrs after surgery). I then awoke at 2am with pain so I took another since my friend who was just out of surgery takes the same mg once every 4 hrs and thats how long it had been. I then awoke again with excruciating pain at 4:30am and waited as long as I could since I couldn't fall back asleep with that kind of pain and finally took another pill around 5:30am. Ended up falling asleep and awoke at 10am with the same horrible pain so took one more.

    I'm not sure how much is too much and I have called the doctor but was an off hours emergency contact line that just takes your info and says a nurse/doctor will call you back, yet no one has yet. Therefore I'm just trying to get an idea from anyone who might have been through this or is a pharmacist or doctor that might have some insight on how much is too much. Too sum it up since 10pm last night I have taken 4 pills in 12 hours.

    Thanks for any info anyone might have...Thanks!

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