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Per ESPN, Knicks Close To Trade with Mavericks....


Registered Member
According to ESPN, the Knicks and Mavericks are close to completing a trade. The rumored trade seems to be:

Mavericks get: Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton
Knicks get: Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert (team option for next season), Shane Larkin, and possibly Wayne Ellington and/or a 2nd round pick

This would be a great trade for us!! We get rid of Felton, get an improvement at PG, a solid center (if we accept his team option), a good young PG in Larkin, and create some, not much, cap space. Great trade!!! It's not official, yet. KNICKSTAPE!!


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It's now official.

Knicks get: Calderon, Larkin, Dalembert, Ellington, 34th overall pick, and 51st overall pick
Mavs get: Tyson and Felton

HUGE WIN for us!!! But, it doesn't look like we're finished. According to Chris Herring of the WSJ, the Knicks are already looking to trade Larkin and Dalembert, but I believe we cannot trade them for 60 days. Should be interesting.


Sultan of Swat
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Swapping Felton for Calderon is terrible. To me Jose is one of the most underrated starting PG's in the league. He's not a star, nor is he a guy who is a fringe starter. Hes just exactly what a non star point guard should be other than his bad defense.

Good trade for the Knicks.


The return shall be legenday!
NY got the better end of this trade. Free up cap space, get rid of a streaky Felton with off court issues. Bring in Calderon who is a great PG who can shoot the ball. Two second round picks in a deep draft, I'm kinda scared to see what else Jackson does to improve the Knicks.